Bringing in cleaners ‘increases chance of selling property’

Bringing in cleaners ‘increases chance of selling property’

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People should never underestimate the importance of making sure their property has been cleaned and is in a good state of repair, before putting it up for sale. As a new survey reveals exactly what puts house-hunters off the properties they view.

GoCompare Home Insurance carried out the research, with the findings emphasising the importance of bringing in professional cleaners like ReFresh to carry out a service similar to an end-of-tenancy clean to ensure a home is in its best possible condition before prospective buyers begin viewings.

In addition, it is vital that those wanting to put their property on the market carry out essential repairs. Failing to do so could affect their ability to sell.

So, what exactly did GoCompare find to be the greatest bugbears of potential buyers?

House-hunters’ biggest property turn-offs

The research found that almost half of prospective homeowners would be put off a property immediately if it was dirty. While 48 per cent would be turned off by seeing rubbish strewn in a neighbouring garden.

Meanwhile, 59 per cent would no longer be interested in a property if obvious repairs were needed. For example if there were rotting window frames and peeling paintwork.

More than half (53 per cent) of respondents also said that unfinished building work would put them off a property. While 24 per cent wouldn’t want to buy somewhere with an old kitchen. The 22 per cent did not want a property with an outdated bathroom.

Perhaps unsurprisingly in today’s society, the lack of a good broadband connection was also found to be a turn-off for many. With 53 per cent of those questioned citing this as a modern-day deal breaker.

Ben Wilson, spokesman for home insurance at GoCompare, commented. “While dated decor can be remedied easily and relatively cheaply, major flaws from poor maintenance or badly botched DIY can be expensive to put right.

“In particular, if a property shows evidence of damp, whether it’s a stain or mouldy smell, it’s a warning sign, which, depending on the cause, could be costly to repair.

“Our research also suggests that bad housekeeping is also a property deal breaker for many potential buyers. A grubby home and untidy garden may suggest the current homeowners are not only bad at housework, but may have neglected essential maintenance to the property.”

“Whilst some potential buyers can walk into a property and picture it in the form of a blank canvas, many can’t. The dust on the window sill, or the stain on a carpet, are little things that we often miss (or choose to ignore) in our own homes. When a property is shown, however, these little things have a habit of directing focus away from the positives. The little things really do matter.

Ensuring a house is clean and well-presented will greatly assist your estate agent to sell your property. And if you really want to give that welcome home feeling? Some freshly cut flowers presented beautifully.


How to get your property in the best condition for selling

With all of this in mind, there are steps that sellers can take to increase the chances of their property being snapped up by buyers. Hiring in professional cleaners like the team at ReFresh is one, taking the task of cleaning the house off your hands, and helping to make the house-selling process that little bit less stressful.

Making sure decor doesn’t look too outdated and carrying out essential maintenance repairs will also help, and don’t forget the age-old trick of taking a loaf of freshly baked bread out of the oven just before buyers arrive – it might sound like a lot of extra effort, but being welcomed by that gorgeous, almost nostalgic smell of home could make it worth it!

How would you prepare if you were selling your house? Comment below

Source: Property Wire, KB Bark


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